Week of October 26, 2014


Hope Satisfies…..

By the end of this lesson, we will:  EXPLORE the conclusion of Job and God’s conversation; AFFIRM that God will answer our questions in ways best for us; and BECOME involved in an active and hopeful prayer life.

  • Monday:  I wait for You, O Lord (Psalm 39:9-15)
  • Tuesday:  You Alone Are God (Psalm 86:  1-10)
  • Wednesday:  Give Strength to Your Servant (Psalm 86:11-17)
  • Thursday:  God Has Called You to Hope (Ephesians 1:11-19)
  • Friday:  My Hope is from God (Psalm 62:1-8)
  • Saturday:  You Are the Hope of All (Psalm 65:  1-5)
  • Sunday:  Wonderful Things I Did Not Know (Job 42:  1-10)

The study of this quarter is an examination of prophetic literature, as well as material from the wisdom book of Job, on the subject of hope. It highlights the prophecies concerning restoration and return of the people of Israel from exile and the declarations of Job as examples of sustaining hope through communal and individual hardship and suffering

The content of this study was taken from DIRECTION, The Bible Study Guide for Adults

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